38, rue Gambetta 32100 Condom, FRANCE
+33 (0)5 62 28 33 33

Welcome to Hotel Les Trois Lys, Condom (Gers)

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In the very heart of Gascony, famous for its Armagnac lies the small historic town of Condom.

In its very centre one finds the charming 3 * Hôtel Les Trois Lys, originally an 18th century ‘hôtel particulier’.

The hotel features 12 rooms, including 2 deluxe suites. Its main entrance opens to a quiet courtyard, in summer offering a tranquil haven to dwell.
Guests will certainly enjoy the large swimming pool and its terrace.
Enjoy a drink or a meal in our courtyard or in our lovely restaurant.

Private secure parking (extra cost) is another asset of the hotel. 
Animal are accepted, please contact the hotel for further details.

The hotel and the restaurant are not accessible at the moment for wheelchairs but we hope to become accessible soon. 

“The hotel is open and we are taking all the necessary health measures to welcome you in the safest way possible, in the meantime take care of yourselves”



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